Sisipisis In The Field

…fitted with oars (floats like a feather, very fast to row)
…using a 2.7 hp, air-cooled, ultralight 2 cycle Cruise n’ Carry engine (~ 6mph, 9.5 miles/litre)
…equipped with a Minn Kota C2, 30# electric motor (approx running distance 9 miles @ full throttle (~3 mph) from Exide 720 amp marine battery)

…if interest from other duck hunters is any indication, most of them whom I have met in the field are very enthusiastic about the design and can readily see how this boat fits a certain style and niche of duck hunting.  It is definitely a winning design.  Thanks Glen-L!!!

Off-Season Storage

…fits perfectly inverted under the overhang of our front porch…using pulleys a vehicle easily hoists and lowers the boat…removable supports hold the boat securely


Nine Months Later…



…due to an unusually wet summer and a heavy work load this boat sat in a shed from January through September when I finally brought it outside to fibreglass…I hoped it would have been ready for use within a couple of weeks, but the last phase of finishing this project proved to be much longer than I expected…

A Pictorial Record Of Building A Glen-L Duck Boat Too (DBT)